Revision History

Revision history
3.3 build 15    2024-02-06
Faster start.
Fixed:   Start problem on new install fixed.
Plus numerous other improvements.

3.3 build 14    23-12-07
Possible moves symbol scales.
Font size setting for all dialogs.
Animation speed has a wider range.
Animation acceleration on/off selectable.
Fixed:   Edit mode bugs fixed.
Fixed:   Skins bug corrected.
Plus numerous other improvements.

3.3 build 13    23-10-28
Fixed:   SSL library bug fixed.
Fixed:   Solved levels symbol fixed.
Fixed:   Bug in import scores fixed.

3.3 build 12    23-10-17
Live update of Sokoban.exe fixed.
New option for acceleration on/off in animation.
Animation speed adjustments.
Fixed:   Bug in live upload dialog fixed.

3.3 build 11    23-10-03
Live update restructured.
Animation speed control with a wider range.
Number of levels and numbers of solved levels in the status bar.
Smoother animation.
Fixed:   Various bugs fixed.

3.3 build 10    23-09-26
Fixed:   Scoring problem introduced in 3.3.9 fixed.
Fixed:   Sound problems introduced in 3.3.9 fixed.

3.3 build 9    21-05-29
HTTPS for scoring and downloads.
Smoother animations.
Fixed:   Various bugs fixed.

3.3 build 8    21-09-25
New handling of license discount
Fixed:   Various bugs fixed

3.3 build 7    19-03-30
Fixed:   Bug fixed in problem reporting

3.3 build 6    19-03-29
Fixed:   Bug fixed in all internet related functions

3.3 build 5    17-01-03
Fixed:   Enter player name caused a loop

3.3 build 4    2016-12-02
Fixed:   Register after 30 day trial expiry failed on windows version 8 and later

3.3 build 3    2014-09-22
Fixed:   Major bug in animated key moves

3.3 build 2    2014-09-17
Play music files also from sub folders
Play all types of MP3 files
Purge scores dialog, removes redundant scores
Improved detection of level finished
Get a discount on registration by solving many levels
Fixed:   Export solutions bug

3.3 build 1    2013-11-10
New Live Update that works in the background
Better detection of Sokoban already running
Export solutions to a file for publishing own levels
Fixed:   "List index out of bounds" problem
Fixed:   "Level finished" logic
Fixed:   various thread problems

3.2 build 13    2012-07-18
Optimized run to minimize number of turns
New version of sqlite 3.2.17
Fixed:   Access violation for gui updates from http-thread
Fixed:   Live update failed if path contained unicode characters

3.2 build 12    2012-06-11
Fixed:   Memory curruption when downloading scores
Fixed:   Minor bugs

3.2 build 11    2012-02-01
Fixed:   Bug in Import Score function
Fixed:   Deleting level file makes next and prev level crash
Fixed:   Timestamp wrong in upload solution
Fixed:   Sokoban already running improved with sleep and retries

3.2 build 10    2012-01-06
Fixed:   Bug in Import Score function
Fixed:   Other minor bug fixes

3.2 build 9    2011-06-10
Fixed:   Switch tab didn't update level selector
Fixed:   Bug in Add_User

3.2 build 8    2011-04-08
Fixed:   Edit mode didn't update the level selector
Fixed:   Minor bug in startup check

3.2 build 7    2011-03-28
Fixed:   Live update failed because of check for "Sokoban already running"
Fixed:   File name with ' (single quote) in name gave a crash

3.2 build 6    2011-03-21
Detect if Sokoban is already running
Level number in Browser
Fixed:   Save/Restore game lost the sessions in navigation history
Fixed:   New timestamp on file cleared the solved levels stars
Fixed:   Import Scores didn't update file selector
Fixed:   Browser now opens the correct file when going to edit mode

3.2 build 5    2011-03-08
Improved Live update for Sokoban.exe
Fixed:   "Ghost balls" and broken walls when using arrow keys and backspace
Fixed:   Show level description only worked once

3.2 build 4    2011-03-04
Improved upload scores in the background
Improved database locking scheme
Fixed:   Problem with updating Sokoban.exe

3.2 build 3    2011-03-02
Upload scores in the background
Detecting DirectX failure
Improved logging when importing scores
Detect old format skins
Fixed:   Crash after creating data base

3.2 build 2    2011-02-22
Fixed:   "Database locked"

3.2 build 1    2011-02-16
Live scores over internet. See and upload best scores
Database used for score keeping
New skin format with png images with alpha channel
New version of Skin Tool that handles the new skin file format
DirectSound used for sound effects
Validation when loading saved game
Fixed:   Invalid Pointer Operation at start
Fixed:   Bug in upgrade code

3.1 build 3    2010-11-13
Best Moves / Pushes in toolbar
Icons for best moves and pushes in scoreboard
Changed the Folder Options dialog
Removed Level Rating
Automatic correction of bad dates in score file
Fixed:   Problem with "Some Files are missing"
Fixed:   Bug in "Changes" calculation
Fixed:   Crash when setting player name and doing moves at the same time
Fixed:   Deleting the last file in Own Levels crashed
Fixed:   Crash when adding level in editor

3.1 build 2    2010-05-26
Fixed:   Bug for Win XP, "An invalid character was found in text content"

3.1 build 1    2010-05-23
Steps/Changes/Box-Lines/Pusher-Lines counters
Integrated Live Update with Sokoban main program
LiveUpdate backs up replaced files
Skins now supports PNG, GIF, JPG and BMP images
Skins can have images for possible moves
Unicode paths to Levels, Skins and other files and unicode Username
Toggle NavCursor and export all moves when NavCursor is off
Better performance for animation on and keyboard moves
Better dialog for Copy to Levels
Editor grid is automatically drawn with high contrast color
New developement platform
Various minor improvements and bug fixes

3.0 build 6    2010-01-11
Options Folders - Set Data_Path and Set all
Fixed:   Failure to launch Live Update
Fixed:   Play Unsolved levels randomly. Solving a level didn't move on to next
Fixed:   Loading *.gam failed sometimes
Fixed:   Double delete of Scores caused access violation
Fixed:   Edit changes wasn't always saved
Fixed:   Play unsolved levels randomly could freeze the game
Fixed:   Open clipboard exception handled

3.0 build 5    2009-12-19
Problem reporter
Changed paths for levels, skins and other files
Faster Score_Import for large files
Fixed:   Cursor size was not set at start
Fixed:   Change skin size on toolbar changes window size (and hides skin toolbar)

3.0 build 4    2009-06-21
Select moves and export as LuRd
Remember scoreboard size
Fixed:   Navigation popup dialog was missing
Fixed:   Playing solution when transformed didn't work
Fixed:   Goal sound played at the wrong time

3.0 build 3    2009-05-11
Import partial LuRds into the game
Fixed:   Added CR to exported LuRd
Fixed:   Immediate trial expiration bug

3.0 build 2    2009-04-24
Font check
Score and Browser on top options
Fixed:   Date and Time corrected in score file
Fixed:   Browser paint corrected
Fixed:   Import LuRd from empty clipboard
Fixed:   NavBar length on Win2K
Fixed:   Animation off => 2 entries in scoreboard
Fixed:   Save XML crashed
Fixed:   Skin toolbar size

3.0 build 1    2009-04-23
Tabs, have many levels open at the same time.
Toolbars, configure which tools you want visible.
New much faster algorithm for run to.
New much faster algorithm for drag and drop.
New much faster algorithm for show possible moves.
New enhanced score board.
New and better level browser.
New navigation bar. Easy navigation back and forth.
Save any number of positions while playing.
Several new navigation styles (Step by step, Push by push, Complete DnD).
Mouse wheel to navigate backwards and forwards.
Animation On/Off.
Many new popup menues.
Much faster start.
Import solution with own name instead of "Imported".
Import solutions in text files from other games.
New improved dialog for merging scores.
Increased maximum level size 200 x 200.
Paste text level in Play mode.
Level numbering in level dropdown selector.
Level info when hovering on the file selector.
Show number of balls and goals in the editor.