Registration Info

Enter Registration Information
After payment you will receive an email with registration infomation. It looks like this.
Registration email
Select and copy the lines with User Name and Registration Code. The easiest way is to select all (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C), however, this may not work with every mail client. You can also use the mouse to highlight the lines and then click "Edit" - "Copy".
Selecting information
Start Sokoban. Click "Help" - "Enter Registration data" as in the left picture. If the Trial period has expired, click the "Enter Reg Info" button as in the right hand picture.
Menu clicking Reg info button
The "Registration Data" dialog that pops up will now be filled in with the correct data. Click OK to finish. If the information is not filled in already, please perform step 2 again. Then click "Copy from Clipboard".
Note! Do not attempt to write the information manually, since it is very difficult to distinguish between the letter O and the digit 0 or the letter I and the digit 1.
Selecting information
Wait a few seconds and make sure that the "Trial" text in the title bar disappears.
Selecting information