Two unknown levels, might be Thinking Rabbit levels remodeled by York Shen

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Two unknown levels, might be Thinking Rabbit levels remodeled by York Shen

Hi all, I have a collection of 100 levels marked as authors by Thinking Rabbit and York Shen (York Shen is surely an author, but may be also others authors with him).
I will be grateful to know exactly how this collection is named, the author(s) and also a little hint for solving these levels.
Damn! I'm not able to solve the storage at level 76 Sad


Above the level 51 of 100


Above the level 76 of 100

Thanks to You all and have a nice day.

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Here are the info of the two levels:

; This is level 51 of the Playstation game called Soukoban Basic 2.

Title: 3_11 (Step Limit 950)
Author: Thinking Rabbit
Comment: Step Limit 950

; This is level 76 of the Playstation game called Soukoban Basic 2.

Title: 4_16 (Step Limit 1919)
Author: Thinking Rabbit
Comment: Step Limit 1919

The two levels are easy. I will not give hints on them. I think if you can solve all the levels before these two, you should be able to solve them.

As for solving all Sokoban levels, I would suggest that you do these:
(1) look at the level and think about how the level should end.
(when you solved the level, where is player going to end up?)

(2) then think about how to place the boxes to achieve the ending in (1).

(3) If you think you're stuck, systematically try all possible routes and don't give up any of them unless you clearly see the deadlock. (in which case you move on to the next possible route)

(4) You need a lot of patience. Don't give up. A day, or a week (or even a month or a year) not able to solve a level is normal.
As long as you know the levels are solvable, you should not give up, keep trying.

And I can tell you that both levels are solvable.

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ben, thanks a lot for Your info's and suggestions!

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solved level 51 of Playstation game called Soukoban Basic 2 (444/141)

but the level 76 (storage) is too hard for me
I think to give forfait on this. The best result achieved is this:


but this position is unsolvable

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I think you didn't look at my hints carefully.

If you really think about hint (1), you will be able to figure out what boxes can be filled first.
For (1), to think about how the level ends, you basically have to think about the level in reverse. When the game ends, where is the player. (2), ok, now you know where the player is when the game ends, how do you place the boxes to achieve that?

Part of the process to figure that out is also to figure out what boxes to fill in first.

If you label the columns from left to right using letters starting from A and label the rows from top to bottom using numbers starting 1 (in ascending order). Then you should be able to see that the goal J4 is a key to solving this level. Well, figure out the right time to fill J4.

You also didn't take hint (3) and (4) seriously. Though these two levels are easy, but there many levels out there that are very difficult. Yes, there are levels out there that can years to solve. I don't mean those senseless large FIBO levels that many people know the solution but still takes millions of years to watch the solution. I am referring to levels that are so difficult that even best players may take years to solve.

You really need to have a way to systematically to try all possible routes.

All I am trying to say is, you should not give up easily.
Playing a level for weeks or months is not that long. I know of a player who spent 5 years to solve a very difficult level.

Sokoban is really about patience, persistent -- and the will to keep trying EVEN after failing countless times.

I will give you the solution using two "pictures":



I hope you don't give up easily next time.

Sokoban levels that's mainly focused on the order of pushing boxes or order of filling the goals or storing boxes (like the one is question) are usually very easy. The reason is, there's no magic in Sokoban, and all spaces are equivalent when storing boxes. If counting the usable spaces and looks possible, that only means you have to store the boxes differently.

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Well ben, thanks a lot!


This was the key to the solution: the arrangement of boxes in storage!
I had previously tried another pit configuration, but I was also blocked.

With your image I have solved the level in 10 minutes, 1526/590 solution.

For me, I have to improve in the pit disposing in storage areas and be more careful not to get stuck. It's 'a matter of mentality'.
In any case, thanks to your help, I learned from You some useful things, I have improved!

The fact is that when I can not progress in solving, discourages me to more tries and I abandon the level for a long time; this level was already tried to solve a year ago but then I left him and I take up it back recently.

I'm not an expert in Sokoban, certain levels does not even try to solve them. For example, the FIBO levels if they are not too large I will try with Takaken solver. Without the solver I do not know where to start to solve a FIBO level.
Even the mazes for me are very difficult to resolve.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

PS) Sorry for my poor english, I'm Italian and I live in Turin, english is not my native language.

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The game is looking nice and I want to make this game in Python. The Skoban game project is very common for the programmers review and I hope people would love to see that they have this game project on their resume.