Problem with new levels

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Problem with new levels

I have created a set of levels that, for some reason unknown to me, Sokoban for Windows is reporting as a invalid file when I try to import the levels. I know the levels themselves are good, as I have loaded the text version of those levels into other Sokoban clones that handle large puzzles (>50 x 50), and they are fine in those programs.

I even went as far as to manually compile the .slc file just to make sure all of the information is correct. I used my hundred puzzle file as the example slc file when I made the new file, so I know the xml syntax is correct. The hundred.slc file is installed and works fine. The new puzzles are all smaller than 100 x 100 (the tallest one is 39 and the widest one is 98), so I don't understand what is going wrong. Is there something I'm missing?


I found the problem. I had imported a copy that still had an extra pusher in it, and that is why the file was reported as invalid. Forgive me for wasting the bandwidth on this.