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To Mark 2

Mark, I don't think you're giving people enough time to solve the levels. I was going to solve a bunch of levels yesterday, but I saw that you just went and solved the remainder of Thinking Rabbit Arranged without waiting enough time for others to solve them.

The same thing could be said of DD-2. I was going to solve a bunch more of these, but I just refreshed the top solver page and bam, they were already all solved.

Considering how you have more than half the points available in the Top Solver page, wouldn't it be best if you let some of the lower ranked players at least try to catch up to you in the standings?

It's very discouraging.

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Yeah, maybe the Thinking Rabbit scores were uploaded to soon. I will let the Sven Egevad's new levels and the Gyjgw opened. But I've solved Zbigniew, Soko Junior and Soko Man and DD long ago, so I've uploaded this.

It would be nice, that instead of this scoring system, we would have a different one, where a point is scored uppon solving a level. But everyone could score separately from others (currently the points can be taken from others). If best push or move only (+1 for level), if best push and best move (+2). Maximum 3 for level (0 points if unsolved, 1 point if solved, 2 if solved and best move or push, 3 if solved and best push and move). This is just an idea.

I know Francois Marques solved 60 percent of all levels, but since he didn't optimize the solutions, he's not even on the score list.

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I would also prefer a list like that, when every solved level worth 1 point!, by the way, I just checked the top solvers, and (I don't want to start a race, but I have some hundreds solved level, that is a fact), and even that, I'm not on the top30 solvers, where the last guy have some 50-60 levels together... does anybody know the reason of it?, or do we have to send some database with our solved levels after some time? I'm just asking is, 'cause in the last some days I could solve some levels, some of them at the first time, and in a minute I was on the 'updated levels' list, but still not on the top solvers...?


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I need advice on levels 12, 16, 21 and 29.
I do not want solutions, just suggestions from people
who did not solve the levels either.

Greetings, Melteco