Level Removal Notice

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Level Removal Notice

Hello Bjorn,

I am making my own soko site.
I would ask you to remove Marko Dzekic collections
from your site.
All levels will still be available at my site for 14.99€.

These 23 collections are no longer freeware:

-Chimera 1
-Chimera 2
-Chimera 3
-Chimera 4
-Chimera 5
-Chimera 6
-Complex Simplicity
-Hyper Rectangular Collection
-Infinity Remodeled
-Labyrinth Remodeled
-Labyrinth of Agony
-Labyrinth of Agony Remodeled
-Marko Dzekic

These collections will be exclusively published
only at my site- www.sokonextgen.com
which will be up soon. No other site
is allowed to publish them.

Marko Dzekic

Joined: 2004-12-22

Looks like that site is gone now. Sad I would've liked to play those levels again.