xsb-levels into Sokoban 2.3

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michael steins
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xsb-levels into Sokoban 2.3

How can xsb-levels be imported into Sokoban 2.3?
Is there an easy way to convert the format to the XML-standard?
Can Sokoban 2.3 be adapted so that xsb-levels can be imported?

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There is one type of import supported. A level can be pasted from the Windows clipboard into the level editor. Just select the lines with the #$*+ characters, copy and use Edit Paste in the level editor. You must only copy the actual level lines, no comments or other lines.

I am thinking about making a real import utility, but I find that the XSB format isn't very standardized. The actual level is not a problem, it's the meta information (title, author and such). This can be before or after the level, it can be with or without comment ";". It can be with or without key words, such as "Title:" or "Author:".

In case you know about levels that is not included in the game today, please send me a tip about where I can find them. I will convert and publish all levels I can get permission for.

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Try this link to a converter and copy the txt file to the clipboard and import