Frequently Asked Questions
 How to import scores and solutions to a new installation?
First of all, save the Sokoban.db file from the old installation. The file is in Documents\Sokoban 3\Scores. Download Sokoban Sokoban.msi and do the installation. Start Sokoban, click Tools - Import Scores. Select "Data Base" and click OK. Locate and select the Sokoban.db file you saved from the old installation and click the Import button.

 Do I have to pay for every new release?
No! Once you have paid the registration fee, you get all future upgrades for free. So, why not register now!

 I have lost my registration information.
Send an email with your name and your order number if possible.

 I can't enter the registration information.
Follow the instructions found here!

 How are solutions and scores saved?
The solutions and scores are saved in a SQLite database. The file called Sokoban.db is found in the Scores folder. Solutions can be imported and exported as "LuRd". The layout of the database is described here.

The score and solution is linked to the actual level with the help of a "Unique Identity". The Unique Identity is a checksum of the playable part of the level. This means that the link between solution and level is independant of which collection the level belongs to and the levels position in the collection. It also means that if you have duplicate levels, solving one of theme will make both solved.

 Help, I can't solve a level.
We don't have any solutions. Visit the Forum and post a question to get help.

 How do I make a new skin.
See the manual here.