I need all level in TXT format.

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I need all level in TXT format.

Hi. New here. I have a Color Maximite 2 computer and I have found a very nice Sokoban program the can read TXT version of the levels. I downloaded the all levels zip but they are in slc format. Can anyone provide a link to an all in one file with TXT formated level? Thanks.

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hey, just tried to download a new level ' collection 2 ' name?, the problem is, that I don't see it anywhere, looks like the programme said to me, yes, downloaded, but it's not in the list, I don't see here at website, and can't find anywhere I'm sure, have some more 10thousands from the 39thousand already existing level, with what I'm really have good times, even in the next 50 yrs of my life -hopefully :-)-, just wanted to mention, if anybody else have the same problem ? thx

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Here you go. Smile

Here's how I did this, in case you're curious :
- I took the all-in-one level zip containing the .slc files and opened a command prompt. Then I did a DIR > File_List.txt
- I took that File_List.txt into a programmer's text editor I have and did a series of search and replaces on it to form the file list into links.
- I then wrapped standard HTML text around it to make it a web page.
- I opened that web page in a browser and I then used the Firefox plugin "Download Them All" to download all the links into a single folder.
- I zipped that and uploaded it to the link above.

The file "Level_list.html" included is the file I used to do it. Enjoy!