Noticed a typo on the "Available Updates" screen

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Noticed a typo on the "Available Updates" screen

Using the latest version (3.3 build 7):

From the menu:

Tools --> Check for Updates

Then it pops up the "Available Updates" Window.

In the text:

IMPORTANT: If you have Sokoban version 3.5.5 or older. You must upgrade to make shure that future upgrades and other internet functions work.

Typo: "make shure" should be "make sure".

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Thanks, I will fix that

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hey, just tried to download a new level ' collection 2 ' name?, the problem is, that I don't see it anywhere?, looks like the programme said to me, yes, downloaded, but it's not in the list, I don't see here at website either, and can't find anywhere, I'm sure, have some more than 10thousands at least, from the 39thousands already existing level, with what I will really could have good times, even in the next 50 yrs of my life -hopefully :-)-, just wanted to mention, if anybody else have the same problem ? thx