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m Nuis
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Dear Bjorn,
In the past few weeks some of my solutions have been uploaded as 'best pushes' or 'best moves'. In those cases the column 'Sol' shows a Y and when I come back to the level the button 'Load solutions' is active.
However, other peoples' best solutions cannot be loaded.
Should I delete my solution when it has been uploaded? {Which would be a pity, sometimes I'd like to check whether I can do any better.] Or does the program only upload the number of moves and pushes, not the actual solution?

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It works like this. When your score is better than the best uploaded, your solution will be uploaded and verfied before storing.

When you open a level, the best moves and pushes will be downloaded to the game, but NOT the solution. That would be like cheating Wink

So, you should NOT delete your solution.