The bubble
Level 8
Penta ban 1
The windmill
The diamond
The diamond revisited
Déjà vu ?
Move my body
Penta ban 2
Hexa ban 5
Octo ban 7
The butterfly
Hepta ban 5
Hepta ban 6
Hexa ban 10
Nano ban 1
Deca ban 3
Deca ban 2
Des cabanes
Hepta ban 7
The robot
Octo ban 9
The ladder
The fat man
Octo ban 10
The big box
Octoban 11
The castle
The pyramid
Octo ban 13
Octo ban 14
Deca ban 5
The stoper
The monster
Almost circular
The jail
Two bars
Siamese twins
The staircase