LuRd solutions
Solutions can also be imported and exported in LuRd format. These functions are found in the Solution menu on the Scoresboard. The LuRd format consists of a text string with the characters lurdLURD, where the capitals represents pushes Left, Up, Right and Down and the others are moves. Export and import is done through the windows clipboard.

Importing scores
This function opens a dialog for selecting the source of imported scores.

Database (*.db)
This feature is useful if you are playing Sokoban on different computers. Scores and solutions can be merged from one installation into another. Select a database file (*.db) and all scores and solutions will be merged into your current database. Only new scores will be merged, so the import can be done several times without getting duplicates.

Score file (*.ssc)
Use this to import scores and solutions from the old xml score file (*.ssc) format. Only new scores will be imported.

Text File (*.txt)
This function can be used to import scores and solutions from other implementations of the Sokoban game. The selected text file will be parsed and lines containing the characters " $+@#.*" are collected until they form a valid level. The database is then searched for a matching level.

Then lines with only "LuRd ..." characters or lines with "Solution: LuRd ..." are collected. If the solution is valid for the found level, it is entered into the database. This is repeated for every level and solution found in the file.