The options dialog is opened by clicking "Option" - "Option" in the main menu. The dialog contains five tabs: Levels, View, Game & Sound, Internet and Folders.

Levels options
The following items selects which files and which levels to play and the order in which to play them. The options controls what happens when Next Level or Previous Level are clicked or when a level is finished.

The file list shows all level files, with title, file name and an indication for Own Levels. Clicking on the titles, "Own", "Title" or "File" sorts the items correspondingly. Select files with "Select All", "Select None" and the checkboxes. The selections will be shown as bullets in the File Selector.

You can always use the File and Level Selectors in the Toolbar to choose any level, regardless of the selections done here.

Select Levels: Play from all levels in the above selected files or just from unsolved ones.
Play Levels: Choose whether to play selected levels and files in order or randomly.

View options
These items controls the appearance of the game.

Window Style: Center level in window: Place the level in the center of the play area.
Show edit grid: Show a grid in the level editor.
Animation Speed: Adjust the speed of the man.
Possible Moves: Select symbol to show and in case of transparent objects, the transparency.
Font Size: Set the font size for all texts in the game.
Cursor Size: Set the cursor size to fit the size of the skin and resolution of your screen.

Game & Sound Options
These items controls the behavior of the game and sound effects.
Drag and Drop: Enable or disable the drag and drop moves.
Optimization: Minimize Pushes or Moves.
Sound: Select Music on or off. Select sound effects on or off. There are four different sound effects which can be individually enabled.
Play Music: Play the music files randomly or in sequence.

Internet Options
Check for Updates: Select how often you want to check for updates.
Check for new: Select what type of files you want to download. The program itself, levels, skins or help files.
Online Scoring: Enable download and upload of best scores.
Auto purge scores: Enable automatic purging of scores for current level.
Sokoban Site: The address to the Sokoban internet site.
Use Proxy: Check this box if you are connected to the internet via a proxy. Also enter the address and port of the proxy. If you are not sure what these are, you can check how your browser is configured.
Example: Internet Explorer:, Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Settings or LAN Settings.
Firefox: Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Settings.
If the proxy requires authorization, check the "Authorization" box and enter the user name and password.

Folder Options
Selects where different types of files are stored. Use "Set Paths" to set the base path for all types of files at the same time or click the "Advanced" button to set the paths individually. Click the "Default Settings" button to retrieve the default folder settings.

Levels: Here are all level files stored.
Own Levels: Here are levels created with the level editor.
Scores: Here is the scores and solution database stored.
Skins: This is the place where skin files are stored.
Music: Here are your midi and MP3 music files. Drop your favorite music here, also in sub folder.