Level Information and Saving
Meta information for a level collection can be changed by opening the Collection Attributes dialog found in the File Menu. There you can enter the title of the level collection and a description, copyright and more.

The files you create will be stored in the path specified in Game Options | Folders. Usually it is in a sub folder called OwnLevels. The levels in the OwnLevels folder can be played, click the Play Mode button to go to play mode. Or open a new tab in PLay Mode and open the level. Now you can switch between editing and playing the level, just by changing tab.

When playing own levels, the scoring will not be saved in the database. That's because these levels are under construction and the score and solution will be invalid if you modify the level.

Browsing and Rearranging
The level browser can be used to navigate among your created levels, just as in play mode. But the browser can also be used to rearrange your levels in a file. In edit mode it is possible to move the levels around in the file, just drag and drop with the mouse.

The Level Validation functions found in the Level Menu performs some basic validation of the levels you created. It checks that there are at least one ball, that the number of balls and goals are the same, that the level is a closed space and that all objects are within this space.

Copy to Levels folder
When a level collection is finished, you can move it to the Levels folder and use it like any of the original files. Click Copy to Levels Folder in the File Menu, this will copy the current file into the Levels folder. Note that if there already is a file with the same name in Levels, this file will be backed up and then overwritten.