Getting Started
You are the warehouse keeper and you have to push the boxes to their correct positions in the warehouse. The boxes can only be pushed, never pulled, so you have to be careful not to push them into a corner where you can't get them out again. You can only push one box at the time. You can move around by using the arrow keys or by using the mouse.

Definitions: Mouse
Left click on an empty spot and Sokoban will run there if it is possible to reach, using the shortest possible route. Drag and drop a ball by pointing at the ball, pressing the left mouse button and dragging the ball to the wanted position and then releasing the button. Sokoban will figure out the smartest way to do all the running and pushing needed. Lift and drop. Left click on a ball to lift it, move to the wanted position and left click again to drop. Can be used on the man also. Lift and drop is easier for long moves than the drag and drop.

Right click will undo the latest move. There is unlimited undo. A session move, like drag and drop, is undone in one click. Shift Right click to redo an undone move.

The arrow keys will move the man one step. Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Rigth will undo or redo a session, backspace is another way to undo a session. Alt+Left and Alt+Rigth will undo or redo a push. Shift+Ctrl+Left and Shift+Ctrl+Rigth will undo or redo a move.

Pressing both shift keys during play increases the animation speed to maximum. Relesing shift will restore the previous speed.

Pressing F1 will open this help. The help is context sensitive and provide help on what you are doing. For example, selecting a menu item and pressing F1 gives help on that function.