Level Browser
Clicking the Browse button or menu item, opens a new window with an overview of all levels in a file. Just click on a level and it will be opened in current tab. The Browser window also has a file selector to select collection file. There is also a skin selector and zoom buttons to adjust the size of the level images.

The currently open level is shown with a yellow background. There is a red rectangle that follows the mouse movements. The zoom buttons changes the size of the levels.

In edit mode, the levels can be rearranged. Left click on a level and move the mouse while holding the left button down. A red line will show where the level will be inserted when the mouse button is released

The toolbars in the toolbar area can be rearranged to your liking. Right click the toolbar area for a popup menu where the different toolbars can be selected to be shown or hidden. There are separate settings saved for Play and Edit mode.